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About Us

CZA MARKETING is a HEALTHCARE COMPANY that focuses on developing and promoting its own brands pf pharmaceuticals.

Our core brand value offering focuses on pharmaceutical care which emphasizes safety and rational use of complimentary medicines and cosmetic beauty products.

We are strong promoters of HEALTH, WELLNESS and BEAUTY therapies equally.

CZA MARKETING currently promotes products in 3 therapeutic categories . . .

1. Male and Female Sexual Health

Providing premium sexual health for both male and female through our Nasti brand.

2. Dermatologicals

Providing skin and beauty care under the CZA-Derm brand which currently has three categories.

1. Snail Extract Products - SnailCare Range
2. Foot and Muscle Care Products - Arnica and Foot Gel Range
3. HairCare Products - Horse Haircare Range
4. Sanitisers - 70% Alcohol sanitisers that cleans and moisturisers, new formulation in creams for very dry skin

3. Vitality

Providing healthcare supplements for energy, vitality and wellness through our Vitagard brand.